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Julie is a bridge-builder by nature with an insatiable curiosity. She cares deeply that every person be respected for the individual they are and for their unique perspective.  This is what fuels the work she does, regardless of the industry or role.  

Julie's experience as a musician, technician, teacher, operations manager, marketer, educational program developer/manager, and in planning and executing digital media productions has provided many opportunities for her to show that she is process oriented, but not bound by convention.  She adds strategy and structure, while also adding creativity and innovation to the projects she works on.

Julie found a passion for helping teams communicate better and became Birkman certified in 2014.  She uses the assessment instrument with individuals, partners, teams, and companies to explore how to do things better, considering multiple perspectives and layers.

She is happy to do what she loves and love what she does each day...  supporting dreams by helping people to harness sparks of positive and creative energy while remaining true to themselves and navigating through strong currents of change.  ‚Äč

The Dream Supporter