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A native of Portland, Oregon, Ben has been a bustling and energetic being his entire life, as anyone who knows him will attest. Spending time in the Pacific Northwest led Ben to a love and passion for the outdoors, wildlife, and adventure. Naturally, when he got the opportunity to journey to Hawaii during his late teens, his love for nature only deepened. The six years Ben spent in Hawai'i would help him forge deep lasting friendships and a deeper appreciation for mother nature.

His journey continued from Hilo, Hawai’i, to Atlanta, Georgia, where he eventually found his passion for education and learning. He landed at SCAD Atlanta studying Television Producing. In 2014, he received his Bachelor of Arts and has been working diligently to enhance his craft and experience level through various productions that challenge his skill sets.

So in the true nature of a circuitous path, Ben has merged his love for the outdoors, art, adventure and production into a unique set of skills/tools. His passions include Macro and Time-Lapse photography and video. He enjoys the natural balance that urban Atlanta has presented to him and is diligently trying to explore as much of the city as possible for interesting places and new perspectives.

Of course, the next big adventure is just around the corner...

​​The Creative Technician